Our commitments

Customised support with high added value

Our primary objective is to ensure our clients’ success in China and Hong Kong markets. Our services are not limited to a written report, a business plan or simple recommendations: beyond these “fundamental” basics, we actively participate in the implementation of your project and its management; in short, our commitment is to support you in your concrete approach of the Chinese market.

Our support is customised according to the needs and specific problems of our clients.

Confidentiality and ethics

In the exercise of our services, we are committed to preserving the confidentiality of the  missions entrusted in us by our clients. Our professional experience has shown that respecting confidentiality is vital in a competitive economic environment. Hence, we obtain permission from our clients prior to releasing any targeted information.

Objective and independent advice

We are also dedicated to providing our clients with independent and objective advice, even at the risk of challenging our customers' initial strategies. Our ethic is rooted in our vision of professional and independent work: we measure our added value by the independence and neutrality of our advice.

Practical recommendations

The Chinese market is very specific and sometimes complex. In some aspects it is still immature although growing rapidly, and is often presented in a caricatured manner as an indispensable market with strong growth frequently supported by excessive numbers.

It is not our goal to engage our clients in these “Chinese myths” or in complicated models or projects. In a country where pragmatism is without doubt predominant in business, we offer our clients solutions that are practical and easy to implement. Once understood the state of the market thanks to our analyses, we help you define a series of concrete and practical action plans without neglecting sensitive points. In this way, your company can access and penetrate the Chinese market as soon as possible with realistic objectives and in the best possible conditions.